Taking Advantage of the Gold Rush and Other Hungry Shark Evolution Tips

Playing the Hungry Shark Evolution Game is all the more fun when you have knowledge of some easy Hungry Shark Evolution Hack Tool. There are several hack tools which can give you certain advantages and make you enjoy the game even more! If you are wondering how to get more resources in Hungry Shark Evolution Game, given below are a few ways to access unlimited free gems and gold coins.

Don’t Surpass the Gold Rush!

The first thing that you need to know is that every shark that you control has different point totals. You need these to reach certain milestones. In addition, each shark also has different amounts of time when the Gold Rush point multiplier remains active. You may want to buy some shark accessories which will help in extending the time duration of the Gold Rush of the shark staying active.

Secondly, when the gold rush is active, go absolutely bonkers and try to feast on as many sea creatures possible before the rush ends. If the game’s map is accessed, make good use of the Gold Rush point’s multiplier. You can do this by swimming to right most bottom section of the game. This is where you will find a great number of Angler fish, Gulper, and Blob fish to feast on! You can gather a great many points in this way.


There Is A Way to Get Unlimited Daily Bonus

Any discussion of how to hack resources in Hungry Shark Evolution Game is incomplete without this. This is an easy but tedious cheat which is used widely by serious Hungry Shark Evolution gamers.

The first daily bonus is available to you automatically. If you want to get an unlimited daily bonus, leave the game, double tap on the home button and stop the game from running in the background. Now change the date and time settings so that it is ahead one day. Play the game and get the daily bonus again! Repeat as required.

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